Vance Collier


Vance Collier

Logistics Manager, Athletics Division

Location: Columbia

Though relatively new to my role as the Logistics Manager for our Athletics Division, I have been a member of the Southern Way team since 2018.

I was born and raised in Saint George, SC, so southern hospitality runs in my blood! I graduated from the University of South Carolina with my Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management in 2019. My passion for the Gamecocks and my love of a fast-paced environment makes my role in the Athletics Division a perfect fit. The best part of the role I play in Southern Way is getting to be hands on with each and every event our division handles. I get to perfectly tailor each suite set up and event floor plan to the clients specific needs to ensure it meets their desired vision (not to mention all the heavy lifting day in and day out means I get to skip the gym).

My favorite thing about being a part of the Southern Way family is the people. I have so many great memories from my four years here and it is largely due to the folks I get to work with every day. Southern Way has taught me a lot about the catering and hospitality field and how to make events run successfully, but most the most important lesson I’ve learned during my tenure is you have to put in the work to achieve something great, and nothing is handed to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a football game day or an intimate wedding I know that it will be a memorable experience because of the people I am surrounded by.

When I’m not working, I love hunting, fishing, playing golf, watching football and hanging with friends. Though I am wired to work 24/7, a good long nap is my perfect end to a busy day!