Larenzo Buxton

Larenzo Buxton

Larenzo Buxton

Logistics Manager at Pastides Alumni Center

Location: Columbia

I’m from Allendale, South Carolina.  After I graduated High School, I moved to Columbia in 2015 to attend college and started working at SWC while I was in school.  In 2018 I received my bachelor’s in Business Administration.  Shortly after I graduated, I secured a full-time spot on the team as the Logistics Manager at the Pastides Alumni Center.

There is never a dull moment in logistics or at the Alumni Center for that matter.  I love the challenges I face every day & I also love the opportunity for growth the company has been able to provide me with. Southern Way has a family vibe & it’s rare to find a company to work for that will treat you like family.

My most favorite time of year in the hospitality industry is Spring time.  When it starts to get warm, that only means one thing, golf time. Since I can remember, I’ve worked the Heritage Golf Tournament and I look forward to it every year.  Working for this company has taught me accountability, how to take initiative and how to provide the best southern hospitality.

When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my friends and family. My family is the main reason why I work so hard & give my all each day. When I’m not at work, I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with my friends.  I'm a diehard Carolina Panthers & Denver Nuggets fan, so I love going to the games with them. I also like to grill and spend time at the beach.

“My thing is that I don't give no person that much power over my path that I'm walking. Not one person can make or break what I'm doing, except me or God.” -Nipsey Hussle