Anita Williams


Anita Williams

Executive Assistant to the Chef

Location: Columbia

I began work with Southern Way Catering in September,2009. I am now the Executive Assistant to the Executive Chef. I know, that’s a lot of words; it’s a lot of work as well! My job encompasses not only administrative duties and kitchen prep/procedures, but a great knowledge of all of the divisions within Southern Way.

I am originally from Portsmouth, VA. We moved to South Carolina after my dad retired from the Navy in 1967. He was born here and wanted to come home! I have now lived in SC for 54 years.

Southern Way has been a huge part of my life for over a decade, so it is hard to pin-point specific reasons I love it here. The catering business has given me a way to put my knowledge and skills to the use. I have been an organizer/planner for as long as I remember.

Southern Way has encouraged and welcomed me to use my prior skills and knowledge to help make the company successful but has also given me a whole new set of skills and knowledge! I have learned from the ground up so to speak. I started as a part-time floor staff. And, I have been learning something new about the company and its workings every day since. It makes my job different but the same each and every day.

My goal, and our company’s overall goal, is to ensure a client’s feels they made the best decision by using us as their caterer. Each event is its own unique set of challenges; therefore, it is like learning a new job each time. We must adapt to each client’s needs and desires to ensure a successful event and a happy client. I find this job very rewarding. It makes me feel good to know that we take pride in meeting a client’s expectations for their event, and more times than not, exceeding those expectations!

I spend as much time as possible with my 2 granddaughters, Harper Grace and Emma Reese. I do enjoy bowling, fishing, bike riding, hiking, and a good Margarita. I also love the beach as well as the mountains! I guess you could say that I just have a passion for traveling and exploring new places and meeting new people.