Spotlight: Aimee Wicker

Our business development manager, Aimee, has been passionate about food from the very beginning. She has worked in the hospitality industry for years and has been with us at Southern Way Catering for close to four years now.

Her favorite part of working with Southern Way is creating fun and appealing menus with the brides, especially when the bride and groom leave much more excited than when they first came into the meeting. Food is a big part of the wedding reception, and Aimee loves getting to see people light up when they realize all that Southern Way is able to do for them. She believes that there is no job like this one because not only is each party unique, but each day at work is unique.

Aimee’s favorite dish right now is one of our speciality sandwiches. It is a smoked turkey panini that is made on an asiago cheese bread with arugula, blueberry lavender jam, and goat cheese. Sandwiches are always appetizing, but Aimee loves when you get to be creative and put a spin on them like we did with the creation of our smoked turkey panini dish.

In the upcoming year, Aimee is looking forward to all of the upcoming weddings that she is working on with couples and to see how Southern Way continues to grow. She is devoted to ensuring that every detail of each wedding reception goes smoothly. At the same time, she is anticipating watching her own family grow as she and her husband are expecting their first child in a few short weeks. Congratulations Aimee!