Tim Martin

Tim Martin

Tim Martin

Kitchen Manager, Athletics Division

Location: Columbia

I was born in New York, and raised in New Jersey and the Poconos in Pennsylvania. I joined the military in 1986 and served two years aboard the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, where I was the personal cook for the commanding officer. There were many great experiences during my time with the military, but the opportunity to cook for two presidents is certainly at the top of the list. When I left the military I attended Johnson and Wales University in Norfolk, VA where I graduated second in my class.

During my thirty-year career in the hospitality industry, I have worked in 5-star hotels, restaurants and various catering operations including premium seating catering and private jets.

Joining the Southern Way Catering team was an easy decision, as they are one of the elite catering operations in South Carolina. I love working with people, sporting events and concerts, so leading the Athletics Hospitality Division is perfect for me.

When I am not focused on catering for the artists coming through Colonial Life Arena for a big concert or providing a premium game day experience for our clients in Williams-Brice Stadium, I enjoy watching sports and spending time with my family.

If there is one thing you should know about me it’s that I always like to follow the credo of the three E’s: Educate, Entice and Entertain.  I like to teach this to my staff so that they can learn and enjoy their jobs.