Siobhan Saulsbury

Siobhan Saulsbury

Siobhan Saulsbury


Location: Columbia

I was born in Delaware and grew up a military brat.  I graduated high school in Texas and then went to college in Oklahoma and received my bachelor’s degree in finance.

I have been with southern Way since October of 2022.  I started out my career with SWC as Event Floor Staff and then took a full-time position in January of 2023 as the receptionist.

Like many others at Southern Way, I enjoy the people I work with and the new faces I get to meet.  I also secretly like to make wedding plans on my vision board even though I’m not engaged (Just planning for the future, that’s all).  I thoroughly enjoy working awards dinners and listening to speeches at weddings from the FOB and the Best Man.

When I’m not busy greeting guests, I love teaching financial literacy, attending church activities, reading, spending quality time with my family and traveling to new countries.

You can always catch me telling my fellow employee’s and guests as they leave, “Make Good Choices”.