Madison Stephenson


Madison Stephenson

Sales Coordinator

Location: Columbia

I grew up watching my mom work in the hospitality field in Cayce, SC. I watched as she was able to completely transform someone’s day just by listening to them and by just simply being kind to them. So, from a young age, I knew hospitality was what I wanted to be a part of. I wanted to play a role in making someone’s day perfect.

I started with Southern Way in the kitchen as part-time staff then I made my way onto working events. From there I moved into a captain position, then into the office to help the Staffing Coordinator and then landed in my a Sales Administrative Assistant position. I have just begun my new venture as a Sales Coordinator for Southern Way Catering with a focus on one of our most popular venues, The Millstone at Adams Pond. Southern Way has definitely taught me that anything is possible. As long as you go for it and don’t give up!

I’ve always been the type of person who loves systems and organization. So being a sales coordinator really helps me put those two skills to use. And of course, there’s the gratification that comes with making sure everything is done to my clients specifications and knowing I was able to help ease their day! Southern Way Catering really has a way of making you feel like it’s your second family. Most of the year we see each other more than we see our own families. So, to be able to have that family atmosphere really makes the long days’ worth it.

I love weddings but my favorite memory at Southern Way has to be any of the years we’ve gone to Heritage on Hilton Head. From the gorgeous island, to the beautiful houses, to the long workdays, it’s an event like no other! My first year there was a tie so the two golfers had to go back one hole and I watched the winner get a hole in one, literally watched the ball drop straight into the hole! The crowd went wild! It was such a once in a lifetime experience!

I enjoy doing lots of things outside of work but when I get off, I’m usually surrounded by my 5 dogs while watching the latest hallmark movie.