Jessica Stevenson


Jessica Stevenson

VP of Finance

Location: Columbia

I am from Columbia, SC. I graduated from Clemson University in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in Parks, Recreation, Tourism Management. I joined the Southern Way team in 2004 as the Operations Manager. I have now been in the Finance Department since 2010. I’m hardly ever at events, I’m always behind the scenes now working in the finance department. Even though I am not at events, I enjoy trying to give the customers a seamless experience, even though they are paying the bill! I also enjoy working on growing the business by developing financial budgets and plans.

Southern Way is a wonderful company that provides the utmost in customer service, with exceptional quality of food and overall client experience. While hospitality is a tough business to work in with long hours, Southern Way finds time to reward their employees and make it fun.

I have so many memories from Southern Way! The most memorable one was a large event for thousands of people on top of a mountain in NC. We had over 100 staff members working. We had to “build” a kitchen from scratch and the event took place under enormous tents. The weather turned out warm & beautiful that day and the event was a huge success. At the end of the event, when it was time for our staff to leave after clean up, a terrible thunderstorm came through that kept us stranded in the tent because the bus couldn’t make it down the mountain in the bad weather. It was a little scary, but very memorable. We made the most of it and everyone made it home safely. The next morning as we packed up the remainder of equipment, it started snowing.

When I’m not crunching numbers, I’m a Volunteer Regional Director with a dog rescue, so I’m always out rescuing dogs when I’m not working or playing with my 4 dogs that I have. I also enjoy time on the lake and boating.