Christine Foxworth


Christine Foxworth

Beverage Manager

Location: Columbia

I was Born in Queens, New York and went to college at St. John’s University. After college, I worked in US Navy Aviation from 1989-2005. A few years later in 2013, I started with Southern Way Catering in the Finance Department. Subsequently, I have held multiple positions within SWC such as: Event Manager, Administrative Assistant, Sales Coordinator, Director of Hospitality of the Pastides Alumni Center and most recently have found my way back to the Finance Department as the Finance Manager.

I absolutely love my job because we contribute positive vibes to People’s lives. What starts out as notes on a paper end up as permanent memories of happy times. At Southern Way, we always figure out how to beautifully put together an event. Collaboration between a creative sales team, a talented kitchen team, and a strategic logistics team results in some amazing ideas and executions you might have thought were impossible. I love moments when you are standing face to face with a coworker, and you both are looking at each other with the same “Wow, we did it!’ look on your faces!

Unusual events are my favorite, hands down. I love how we can transform a meeting space into a brewery, a chapel, a concert, a fashion show or a lush garden, complete with Fountains! We will go from feeding emergency workers in a makeshift dining area in the middle of a Hurricane to serving a five-course meal to hundreds of diners on a windy bridge. Our company and team that supports it will always amaze me.

When I am not working, I enjoy family time, cooking/watching cooking shows, kayaking, and loving on my 9 pets. Yep, Nine.