Meet Our Team

Jimmy Stevenson

Jimmy Stevenson


Brittany Stuckey


Jesse Bullard

Vice President

Danielle Phillips

General Manager

Michael Stuckey

Executive Chef

Tarrin Knight

HR and Staffing Manager

Lakyn Johnson

Event Coordinator

Amanda Scovill

Event Coordinator

Madelyn Peavyhouse

Downtown Sales Coordinator

Randi Adams

Pastides Alumni Center, Sales Manager

Megan Mulligan

Pastides Alumni Center Sales Coordinator

Mary Stuart Faircloth

Information Manager

Leah Doyon

Pastides Alumni Center Sales Assistant

Madison Stephenson

Sales Assistant

Anna Porter

Sales Assistant

Erica Bujak Vogel

Athletics Division Hospitality Director

Allison Crolley

Athletics Division Sales Coordinator

Krista Snow


Natalie Peterman

Staffing Coordinator

Patrick Weller

Chef de Cuisine

Anita Williams

Executive Assistant to the Chef

Mackenzy Lepage

Athletics Division Kitchen Manager

Shay Martinez

Lead Cook

Harrison Duke

Creative Director

Maurice Addison

Logistics Assistant Manager

Kristin Watts

Assistant to the Creative Director

Vance Collier

Athletics Division Logistics Manager

Asjah Petty

Data Entry Coordinator

Lamonte Reed

Logistics Coordinator

Amante Brooks

Logistics Assistant

Jessica Stevenson

VP of Finance, Southern Way Hospitality Group

Denise Baxley

VP of Accounting, Southern Way Hospitality Group

Christine Foxworth

Finance Manager, Southern Way Hospitality Group

Billie Reeder

Event Captain

Zane Tharp

Event Captain