Fall Food Favorites

For the team at Southern Way, we can all agree that there’s something magical about the Fall season. If you were to ask any of us, we’d directly relate it to none other than food. With the change of season and most importantly, the arrival of the cooler weather, there’s something about our palettes that yearn for warmth and a finely executed savory meal. Think through your fall gatherings with family and friends and the intimate dinners followed by community around a crackling fireplace. These gatherings center around the warm, savory meal we mentioned earlier. With the kickoff of Fall, we’d like to share our personal favorite Fall menu items that leave our guests full of seasonal nostalgia.


Fried Brussel Sprouts
Made with local brussel sprouts, we flash fry this delicious menu item with sea salt and olive oil. It also pairs wonderfully with a spiced, roasted duck leg and a sweet, fruit-infused glass of Riesling.

Organic Green Brussel Sprouts Ready to Cook


Sweet Potato Biscuits with Ham
You can’t go wrong with the comforting appetizer. Made from local sweet potatoes, this combination of sweet and savory is just what you’ll be craving during a crisp evening dinner. Pair it with a robust Autumn Salad and warm mug of apple cider for dessert!


Now that you have a culinary vision of your next seasonal gathering, we’d love to help you expand on a family-style Fall feast. Come in to talk to us today about how we can perfect your event, from biscuit to sprout!