With a strong commitment to our team members, a firm belief in work-life balance and a variety of other benefits, it’s easy to see why Southern Way is one of the best employers to work for.

We work together to create a positive, clean and safe environment, while delivering the most attentive service, the most memorable presentations and the most pleasurable event experience for our guests.

Joining our team means working with people who have your back and are invested in helping you build a strong future in the hospitality industry.


Reports to: Staffing/HR Manager, Tarrin Knight

Key Responsibilities to include:

  •  Post open positions and collect resumes to present to the HR Manager for review
  • Participate in hiring efforts to include: social media job posting, recruiting and hiring fairs, etc.
  • Complete weekly and preliminary schedule
  • Enforce uniform standards, as well as keeping inventory of shirts and aprons
  • Constantly communicate with all part time staff regarding schedules and event details by phone or email.
  • Captain on an as needed basis
  • Train (on site) at events, new Event Floor Staff as well as captains
  • TIPS certification training for bartenders + bar basics training courses
  • Constantly communicate with Sales Reps, kitchen and logistics regarding information necessary to complete weekly schedule
  • Be on call as needed
  • Anything additional deemed necessary by management