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Why Aunt Mildred Shouldn’t Cut the Cake

We’ve all seen it or experienced it – a badly cut piece of cake at a wedding reception. When Aunt Mildred, or another designated cake cutter who isn’t experienced cuts your beautifully decorated wedding cake, things can go south quickly. Southern Way provides complimentary cake cutting services and here are reasons why we think that a family member or friend shouldn’t cut the cake:

  • This is the biggest party of your LIFE and the cake is the universal symbol of this grand celebration – make sure it looks stunning even when it’s being cut.
  • The bride and groom spent time choosing their favorite cake flavors and how it should be decorated – you don’t want it to crumble!
  • If an inexperienced cake cutter slices the cake, pieces of cake will be different sizes and you will run out – FAST.
  • Slices will look messy and not very presentable to your guests
  • Southern Way has the proper knife and gloves for the job, giving the task of cutting the cake a professional edge. And don’t worry, we won’t lick our fingers like Aunt Mildred.
  • Friends & family might be sidetracked talking to one of their high school friends and your guests might not get their slice of cake or there could be a waiting line. If there’s a waiting line, one guest might thing they need to start cutting the cake – YIKES!

SC Children’s Trust Gala

Working to give every child a happily-ever-after, Children’s Trust held its annual gala this month and celebrated the dreams for South Carolina’s children and families. A special, Fairy-Tale themed evening was held at the South Carolina State Museum and we were honored to be a party of this magical night.
As the Silent Auction began, we opened the bar and had several passed Hors D’oeuvres such as Deep Fried Oysters, Goat Cheese Bacon Flatbread, Minted Fruit, and Brie & Cranberry Chutney Crostini.
Several stations were set up that kept guests coming back for more! Our many food stations included a Parmesan Chive Grits Cake station, a Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Peach Pepper Ginger Glaze with Sweet Potato Biscuits and Deep Fried Green Beans in a Chipotle Ranch station, a Teriyaki Chicken Bite station with Vegetable Spring rolls, and a Fresh Hummus, Fruit and Vegetable station!
The night ended on a sweet note with some late night passed desserts that were donated to the SC Children’s Trust. The Silver Spoon provided brownies and cookies, Ally & Eloise provided mini cupcakes, Blue Marlin provided mini brownies, Nonnah’s provided cheesecakes, and Tiffany’s provided pound cakes.
Children’s Trust of South Carolina is the only statewide organization focused on the prevention of child abuse, neglect and injury. A special thanks to other vendors including The State Museum, Professional Party Rentals, Celebrations, Men of Distinction, and Southern Valet.



From the moment we heard our bride tell the story of her family farm and its rich history, we knew this was going to be a one-of-a-kind wedding. After Kristin told us “the address won’t show up in your GPS”, we knew we were in for one of our most memorable catering experiences. Naturally, we had to brainstorm a menu that perfectly complemented the simple southern Summerton charm and pleased our belle’s down-home tastebuds!





The breathtaking reception started with passed Hors D’oeuvres such as deep fried catfish nuggets with cocktail and tartar sauces and gourmet grilled cheese paninis before guests were invited to indulge in the beef tenderloin carving station as well as the fried chicken with sweet potato fries station and the pasta station. Other favorites from the night were the dressed arugula salad in a light and refreshing citrus vinaigrette, the grilled vegetable display with a garlic chive aioli and a spread of artisan cheese and fresh fruit.






And don’t you just love these gorgeous pictures by Megan Manus Photography? And the incredible wedding planning by Meagan Warren?

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