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January Bridal Show

This past Sunday, we escaped the chilly weather outside, and we spent awonderful afternoon inside of the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center at the January Bride City Bridal Show.



We met so many beautiful newly engaged couples who stopped to speak with us at our booth at the show. It was a pleasure meeting all of the couples and hearing the distinctly unique visions that each couple had in mind for the food that they wanted to serve at their wedding reception. Thank you to each of you that took a moment of your time on Sunday to visit with us! We hope that you’ve had a chance to pop your bubbly and enjoy a glass of champagne.

Southern Way Catering has been catering weddings and hosting events for over 35 years! Our reputation here in Columbia, SC proceeds us—we’ve set the expectations high for immaculate service and the finest cuisine that is sure to leave every guest ‘wowed’ at your reception. Each member of our team is ready to take the next step in helping you curate the most delectable menu for your big day.

Are you interested in talking with us further about catering your event? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us! You can reach us at or by calling 803-783-1061. You can also find us on social media on Facebook and on Instagram.

We look forward to hearing from you. Until then, happy planning!

A Farm-to-Table Affair: A 5-Course Meal Using Local Farm Ingredients

image001The Pee Dee Land Trust celebrated their 5th annual Bountiful Brunch Benefit at Darlington, South Carolina’s beautiful Melea Manning House on Lowther’s Lake. We had the privilege of teaming up with local farms to create an incredible menu for their 230 guests.
The quail roulade with an oyster mushroom ductile and a blueberry reduction was one of the passed menu items with ingredients coming from Manchester Farms and Rebecca Farms. Our cheese plate saw a variety of local ingredients, such as goat cheese, pecans, chicken and figs. One of our classic southern dishes and the third course of the day, the Parmesan Chive Grits Cake, was topped with the freshest shrimp from Independent Seafood and grits from Carolina Plantation Rice. The sweet potatoes for our biscuits came from Ratley Farm and were topped of with the most delicious jam that came from field to jar from Sallie’s Greatest Jams. Our main course, the fourth course of the day, was pork belly provided by Carolina Heritage Farms! Other farms and food sources included Cashua Coffee, Maypop Free Range Chickens, Ward Richardson Honey, Ivory Wilson, Young Pecans, and Kevin Gowdy!


Tips for Hosting a Corporate Holiday Function

Halloween has come and gone, we have all set our clocks back an hour as Daylight Saving Time has ended for the year, and the holiday decorations are beginning to pop up everywhere you look. It’s that time of year again and if you’re thinking about celebrating the season with a holiday party, it’s time to start planning your event. To help you out, we’ve put together a few tips for you:

Hire a coordinator (if you’re not one!)
The first step to planning a truly wonderful event is to find that perfect person who can help bring your vision to life—event coordinators and planners are there to help you every step of the way. They can help you pull together all of the details, decorate your venue, and manage any vendors that you hire for the day.

Select a Venue
When selecting the best venue for your event, there are several factors that you’ll want to consider. What type of atmosphere do you want to have? What location is most convenient for your guests? Are you planning an intimate dinner party or a grand affair? Will you want to hold the entire event indoors or will you want to be able to mingle outside in a garden or by a pond?

Food & Drink
We might be biased, but we believe that the most important part of any soirée is the food and the drink that is served for your guests to enjoy. From heavy hors d’oeuvres and buffets to seated served dinners and signature drinks, you’re able to get extremely creative with your menu. We love working with clients on truly custom menus! The food and drink is often what people remember most about the events that they attend, so we’re here to help you give them something wonderful to talk about long after your event has ended.

Send Out Invitations
Once you have the major details finalized, it’s time to send out the invitation for the event. Your invitation is your guests’ first look and impression of what you’re putting together. Here, you can convey not just the who, what, when, and where, but you can include information such as the dress for the evening and directions to the venue. The invitation should reflect the overall vision that you have for your event. Don’t forget to include a way for guests to RSVP whether it’s through a card mailed back or through a reply via phone or email.

Have Entertainment
Tie your evening together by bringing music and entertainment to your event with a band or a DJ. Music is always appreciated at any event, and you can set the tone for the evening as guests walk through the door by the time of music that you have. Whether it’s a jazzy 3-piece or a DJ playing the best music for shag dancing, you can never go wrong with having music.

Finally, get ready to enjoy your event! At the end of the day, you’ve pulled together a wonderful gathering and you truly deserve to celebrate the year and the holiday season with your family, friends, and coworkers.

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